Achieving Peak Performance



This programme, which is aimed at mid and senior level managers, is designed to help managers understand their worth, overcoming the impostor syndrome that can sometimes hamper effectiveness, and ensuring that they are energised, focused, proud of what they bring to their organisation and encouraged to achieve more.


Delivered virtually in 1 x 150-minute session, for 6 people, with intersession work and supporting materials.

Learning objectives and content:

This programme will develop effectiveness by: 

  • Defining the qualities of peak performers, and delineating between attitude and behaviour.
  • Exploring and applying the Mindset Principle – defining how outcomes are generated by the choices we make (including discussion of fixed and growth mindset).
  • Exploring how previous choices have influenced how we are now: identifying what makes us an achiever, but also recognising any limiting beliefs.
  • Differentiating between Drivers and Blockers.
  • Identifying how personal branding helps define what we want others to experience of us, and plays a significant part in defining how we choose to ‘show up’.
  • Developing and establishing our own personal brand.
  • Recognising that peak performers don’t sit back, they’re always looking forward.
  • Using visualisation as a tool to help picture what we could be next.
  • Establishing gaps between where we are and where we could be, developing strategies for closing the gap, and choosing a goal for ‘what’s next’.
  • Outlining GROWTH & SMART models and using them to create steps to change.
  • Buddying up / accountability partnering. Working with a buddy partner from the group to agree the way forward, hold each other accountable, and provide support.

Educator: Adrian Kirk

Adrian Kirk

Adrian is an established specialist, showing people how to be adaptable leaders, engaging presenters and influential communicators. His approach is interactive, experiential and practical, enabling you to develop greater flexibility in how to adapt yourself when engaging different situations.

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