Our Technology Innovation Partners

We are delighted to be partnering with several world-class providers of digital learning. The products, technology platforms and approach of these innovative organisations are highly effective and proven to develop executives across different sectors, cultures and contexts.


Who they are

Founded in 1998 the Cognisco team assess capability, evidence competence, and build confidence. They have delivered countless solutions to a range of blue chip private and government organisations across the UK and globally.

What makes them exceptional

In seven words: world-class personal assessment and feedback, delivered online.

Together with Cognisco we have developed a series of 100 Leadership Scenario Assessments – practical, real-world leadership scenarios delivered online, assessing an individual’s competence (what they would do in a given situation) as well as their confidence in their chosen approach.

Scenarios are effective at providing leaders at all levels with:

  • Developmental feedback
  • Personal insights enabling them to customise their development

And for organisations they highlight:

  • Where a group’s development strengths and needs lie
  • The impact of a development activity or intervention

Sporting Edge

Who they are

A high performance consultancy established by one of the UK’s leading sports people that blends powerful insights with proven psychology, giving organisations, both on and off the pitch, a competitive edge. 

 What makes them exceptional 

1) An in-depth understanding of psychology and the belief that mindset determines results: when we have a winning mindset, our behaviour, results and reputation are transformed. 

2) A product – the Performance Zone – that delivers this winning mindset with an exclusive library of 800+ two-minute micro-lessons. These can be curated and blended into events and digital learning solutions to unlock improved performance. 

This powerful digital platform gives businesses an inspiring resource for their leaders and teams and features high achievers in elite sport, business, neuroscience, the military and performing arts. From leadership and communication to resilience and handling pressure, their high performance strategies enable leaders to fast track their success.


    Who they are

    Groundflr is a organisational development consultancy and a digital learning agency based in South Africa, that specialises in blended learning – notably facilitated and online learning programmes.

    What makes them exceptional

    Exceptionally collaborative, creative and experienced at delivering for market leading businesses, they provide expertise in all aspects of the development of e-learning and blended learning.

    Through a consultative process, Groundflr facilitate courses and programmes that supplement the training and development of employees and they have, for example:

    • Facilitated leadership development for junior, middle and senior managers
    • Embedded guiding visions and reinforced values-based behaviours
    • Facilitated transformation and the management of change
    • Developed learning roadmaps and pathways
    • Developed learning content through learning design and instructional design
    • Created SCORM packages through Storyline Articulate and Rise, including instructional design
    • Designed, filmed and edited learning video material
    • Assisted in choosing best suitable and cost-effective LMS solution
    • Assisted in administrating LMS-solutions

    Groundflr are a valued partner of Kourdi Associates, and as well as providing in-depth in-house expertise they also bring a wide network of expertise that ensures that learning is done with sound pedagogy, support, challenge and creativity – and is sustained, ensuring a lasting impact.

    Performance Climate System

    Who they are

    The Performance Climate System (PCS) is an interactive and intuitive online survey based solution that enables businesses to measure and improve both team and organisational culture and climate.

    The unique PCS model measures team climate across six segments, broken down into 18 focus areas. The six key focus areas are the team’s goals, roles, processes, adaptability, connection and resilience.

    What makes them exceptional

    PCS helps you to engage and develop teams, effectively balance wellbeing and productivity and work with leaders on identifying the specific actions needed to improve performance.

    The PCS solution has been used successfully by multiple businesses around the world for over 20 years.

    Find out the benefits of PCS here and here and discover the first hand experiences of PCS clients here

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