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Kourdi Associates provide customised content, one to one and group coaching and leadership scenarios, enabling leaders to navigate and shape the future.

Our work with our clients focuses on developing the personal, team and organisational leadership skills – as well as the mindset and impact – of the organisations’ existing and future leaders.

The goal is to create a cadre of leaders, focused on developing their individual impact, team performance, and organisational success. To achieve this we need to broaden and deepen what leaders know, believe and do.

On a personal level these leaders need to be more proactive and intentional; leadership styles need to be more confident, connected and impactful, and thinking needs to be more strategic and future-oriented. Several leadership shifts are needed for this vision to be realised.

Current State Future State
Focusing on current, immediate priorities, and working with an operational, tactical and project focus Strategic mindset as well as project execution, and having a future focus and organisation-wide view
Managers Leaders
Avoiding or ignoring the value of new or bold thinking Embracing risk and associated issues (eg process innovation)
Managing in a way that can be directive and transactional Mobilising, engaging, communicating and influencing people
Operating inconsistently in a matrix structure Managing stakeholders, delivering a clear narrative,  navigating complex relationships 
Responding reactively to issues, applying proven solutions, relying on experience and hierarchy Leading people through transformation and change – notably by working with creativity, adaptability and agility
In pursuit of timely outcomes: avoiding challenge, relying on expertise and existing knowledge, neglecting talent development In pursuit of timely outcomes: skilled at challenging conversations, working at pace, developing, retaining and challenging  talent

The Next Normal: Trends Shaping Leadership Development

The context for organisations and leaders, consistently confirmed in our discussions and research, have shaped our offer and what we do. As a result, our interventions reflect the latest context and priorities. These include:

  • The desire for digital learning. 
  • A need for inspiration, practical relevance and impact.
  • Personalisation – meeting each individual’s specific needs.
  • Learning that reflect reality and insights that are fact-based.  
  • Approaches that are engaging, innovative and proven.  
  • Outcomes that are specific and measurable.


Our content – both originally created or carefully sourced and curated – provides the timely insight needed to navigate key business and leadership issues.

We work with world-class educators, content developers and technology partners to develop e-learning programmes, learning materials, online hubs and content production. Our work blends original, leading edge insights as well as classical thinking applied in a modern global context.


Our coaches help people, current and future leaders, to set the right course for themselves and the people they lead.

Our coaches are qualified, forward thinking, experienced educators, not only great at listening but also with the expertise to provide insight, and the right measure of support and challenge.

We call them Coach Educators and their skill is not simply coaching, it’s 1:1 leadership development. We also provide Group Coaching programmes, providing support and challenge in three key areas: Developing the Organisation and Shaping the Future, Thriving in Turbulent Times and Developing Talent and Teams.

    Leadership Scenarios

    Our leadership scenarios programme delivers online developmental assessments of capability and confidence.

    The scenarios provide a unique way to personalise learning, deliver developmental feedback, assess capability, and measure the impact of development initiatives.

    They allow you to assess an individual’s leadership competence, understanding, and – crucially – their level of confidence.

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