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Kourdi Associates provides digital learning, virtual masterclasses, coaching and customised content enabling leaders to navigate and shape the future.

The time to develop leadership and shape the organisation of the future is now. Find out how, with our unique, comprehensive, high quality range of digital and virtual learning resources.

What we do

Digital Learning

Our digital learning materials are provided in partnership with the world’s leading suppliers, enabling leaders at all levels to develop their skills, behaviour and mindset.

Virtual Masterclasses

Our series of over 30 masterclass programmes are engaging, effective and with a clear focus on practical action and impact. Virtual masterclasses are customised for each client at no additional cost, and are led by world-class educators and thought leaders.


Our coaches help people, current and future leaders, to set the right course for themselves and the people they lead.

Customised Content

Our content – whether originally created or carefully sourced and curated – provides the timely insight needed to navigate key business and leadership issues. 

Complete 10 scenarios from the Developing Personal Effectiveness module

Our Clients

Kourdi Associates works with market leading organisations worldwide:

 The Remote Teams Collection is an example of a curated series of video insights from our Performance Zone: Watch the video below


Senior Executive, The Economist Group

“Their coaches provide excellent insights for those who want to learn, succeed and lead others. They bring years of experience in the business world and coaching at the highest levels in cross-border settings.”

Neil Kinnock, Former Vice President, European Commission

“Trust Matters – and this book with that title lucidly explains why. It shows the need for leaders, followers and people generally to put effort into gaining and keeping it and, most of all, makes and reinforces the vital truth that only earning trust will do.”

Global Head of Learning, Coaching and Talent Development, Pearson plc

“I have had the opportunity to work with Jeremy Kourdi to support our executives through times of change and I found him to genuinely add value; he is professional, knowledgeable and incredibly supportive and challenging in the right measure.”

Our Technology Innovation Partners

Latest Insights

Because great minds like a think.

Develop Your Learning Mindset

Develop Your Learning Mindset

What have you learned recently? A learning mindset and agility are vital prerequisites during times of challenge and change. People that are learning-agile are able to future proof their career, moving on from skills and ideas that are no longer relevant to new ones...

Help Your Colleagues Find Their Flow

Help Your Colleagues Find Their Flow

Flow enhances performance by improving concentration and motivation; which in turn drives engagement, fulfilment and productivity. The challenge is that for some people remote working, the impact of lockdowns or simply poor managers can mean constant interruptions....

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