Group Coaching

Kourdi Associates offer a range of group coaching programmes that help guide senior leaders through the process of developing their leadership style, giving them a clear framework of best practises, learnings from decades of experience and a clear framework of goals to aspire to.

Each group coaching programme is:

  • Customised to meet client’s specific needs (at no additional fee: our price includes customisation) 
  • Effective and appropriate across cultures and levels of leadership
  • Practical – with a clear focus on action, implementation and impact
  • Challenging, stimulating and engaging, and with each session limited to 2.5 hours
  • Supported by learning materials that can be shared and routinely used as a guide
  • Personalised, enabling each individual participant to address their own development needs

We deliver world-class learning materials

working with experienced, expert partners and educators.


Read more about our range of group coaching programmes:

Developing the Organisation and Shaping the Future

developing the organisation and shaping the future

Developing and Delivering Strategy

Format: 4 x 120 minute sessions

Designed for leaders responsible for developing, updating or accelerating their organisation’s strategy, this programme blends the latest thinking about business strategy with the need for it to be applied successfully in your organisation.

developing the organisation and shaping the future

Coaching for Performance

Format: 3 x 90 minute sessions, 3 weeks apart

Coaching is a vital, defining skill of a manager and the ability to elevate performance is vital. This programme blends the essentials of coaching with practical application and a guide to succeeding with typical and difficult coaching challenges.

developing the organisation and shaping the future

Innovation: Design Thinking and the Team Hackathon

Format: 4 x 120-minute sessions, 6 weeks apart

This practical programme enables participants to develop and apply a major innovation (product, process or business model) in their organisation – and in doing so to think like an innovator and master key techniques.

developing the organisation and shaping the future

Strategic Innovation – How to Disrupt Your Industry with New Business Models

Format: 2 x 120-minute sessions

In this practical programme participants connect strategy with innovation in a way that delivers results today and, crucially, drives innovation for the future. The focus is specifically on business model innovation and how to make disruption work for you..

developing the organisation and shaping the future

Mastering Inclusive Leadership

Format: 3 x 150-minute interactive workshops

Inclusive leadership is an important capability which enables leaders to create a climate where every individual feels respected and valued. This programme blends recent thinking and practical activities that focus on personal reflection and application of inclusive leadership behaviours.

developing the organisation and shaping the future

The Future of Work

Format: 1 x 120-minute session

This session will enable you to appreciate how the world is changing and how these changes will impact you and your organisation. Initially reviewing the six global megatrends that are creating and defining the world of work, we will then provide 12 answers to 'so what does all that mean, how can we future-proof ourselves?'

developing the organisation and shaping the future

Employee Branding

Format: 1 x 120-minute session

Your talent is the foundation of your success, and so your ability to hire and retain great people is the most important thing you do. This session will show you how to define it, own it and manage it. 

developing the organisation and shaping the future

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Format: 4 x 90-minute sessions

Coaching is a choice of leadership style that is powerful when used in the right situation to develop the people you lead. This practical programme will develop your skills to engage in transformative coaching conversations.

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Mastering the Adaptive Enterprise

Format: Delivered in varying formats, to suit requirements

This programme develops adaptive, resilient leadership, shaping what current and future leaders think, know and do. In the 2020s leaders need a systemic approach to shaping the future focusing on innovation, strategy, leadership, talent and the organisation. This practical, insightful programme shows you how.


Leading Change in Turbulent Times

Format:  4 x 150-minute interactive workshops

Leading change in organisations can be both overwhelming and unpredictable for all involved. Change initiatives often take longer than expected, or may not succeed at all. Leading change requires a range of alternatives to mechanistic, top down processes.

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Leading Virtually

Format: 3 X 90-minute sessions, with intersession activities and optional personal coaching

This programme will enable participants to understand the risks of leading the way they always have, develop tactics and strategies for ensuring high quality virtual leadership and develop new virtual communication skills, making sure that they continue to develop and learn how to lead in a virtual world.

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Mastering and Sustaining Resilience


This programme explores several skills and abilities that have been found to be essential for resilience, helping participants to uncover the thoughts they hold and actions they take that help or hinder their own levels of resilience.

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Leading with Wellness

Format: 2 X 90-minute sessions for up to 8 people

This programme is designed for all levels of leaders who want to understand how mind-body health can be improved to have a positive effect on the quality of work and life. Learn how to choose and implement individual, sustainable wellness strategies, so you can perform at your best.

Developing Talent and Teams

Developing Talent and Teams

Leader Lean In: Collaboration Through Connection

Format: 1 x 90-minute session for up to 50 people

Participants will share insights, discuss issues and key questions affecting their effectiveness, and they will benefit from the insights and inspiration of a relevant thought leader.

developing talent and teams

Collective Team Effectiveness

Format: 2 x 90 minute sessions 2 weeks apart

This programme focuses on developing the effectiveness of an intact team, recognising that collaborative teamwork drives issues as varied as innovation, customer service, operational effectiveness and brand development. By the end of this programme participants will belong to a reinvigorated high performing team.

Developing Talent and Teams

Virtual Learning Design

Format: Consultancy Assignment

This project supports people management professionals and anyone responsible for developing their organisation’s talent, leadership and capability. Organisations share with us their people and business priorities, and we provide the design for a practical learning and development intervention that delivers a measurable result.

developing talent and teams

Mastering Virtual Communications

Format: 2 x 90-minute sessions, for up to 12 people

This practical programme will ensure that online meetings and discussions are effective and productive, giving participants confidence and the necessary techniques and skills.

Developing Talent and Teams

Achieving Peak Performance

Format: 1 x 150-minute session, for 6 people

This programme develops individual leadership effectiveness by ensuring that participants are confident in their strengths, understand their impact, and recognise their development needs, as well as providing the personal inspiration and purpose to realise their potential and excel.

developing talent and teams

Leading From Within: Developing Your Personal Leadership Style

Format: 4 x 120-minute sessions, each 6 weeks apart

This programme enables participants to develop their personal leadership style, focusing in particular on the influences driving behavioural responses. A practical programme that is especially relevant for managers or leaders moving into a new situation or role.

Developing Talent and Teams

Impact and Gravitas: Developing Personal Presence

Format: 2 x 120-minute sessions, for 4 people

This programme is for those who want to “own the room”, raise their profile, and have greater presence in meetings – both in physical and virtual / online meetings. It enables participants to be noticed in meetings beyond just their status or technical contribution.

developing talent and teams

Presenting With Impact

Format: 3 x 120-minute sessions, for 4 people

This course is designed for anyone who is keen to improve their presentation skills, both in physical and virtual / online meetings.

Developing Talent and Teams

Influencing and Engaging People (Influential Interactions)

Format: 4 x 120-minute sessions, for 4 people

This programme is for those who want to develop and practise greater flexibility in how they engage and influence others.

Developing Talent and Teams

Meaning and Purpose

Format: 1 x 120-minute session

This session will give you the business case for providing meaningful work, show why a lack of meaning is so debilitating to humans, explain the dichotomies that make meaning so hard to create and give you a practical template on how you can embed meaning and purpose into your organisation for the benefit of all.

Developing Talent and Teams


Format: 1 x 120-minute session

This session will provide you with the understanding and tools as to why belonging is so critical. We will show you how belonging can unlock the benefits of diversity and inclusion; the science behind connections; a business case and seven point action plan on how you can embed belonging across the employee lifecycle.

Developing Talent and Teams

The Generation Game

Format: 1 x 120-minute session

This session looks at the differences between generations in the workplace, pulling on the latest research and background information. It considers where strengths lie and the respective value propositions to enhance engagement and motivation.

Developing Talent and Teams

Productivity, Wellness and Sleep

Format: 1 x 120-minute session

This session draws on the current research and literature to consider why we take sleep for granted, the benefits from enjoying good sleep, the organisational impact of poor sleep, 10 tangible methods we can individually use to try and get more sleep and how business can help.

Developing Talent and Teams

Employee Engagement

Format: 1 x 120-minute session

91% of candidates check at least one resource to evaluate a company's brand before applying. Customers also check before buying. You Employer Brand is thus your risk and your opportunity, and managing it is critical to your success. This session will show you how to define it, own it and manage it. 

Developing Talent and Teams

Understanding and Developing Resilience


This session will help participants understand where resilience challenges come from, know what it takes to be agile, adaptable and perform at their best.

developing the organisation and shaping the future

The Successful Leader’s First 100 Days


This session will help participants understand how to get off to the best start in terms of the impact on the team and the organisation.

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