Mastering Virtual Communications



Executives and managers who need to engage people and facilitate online discussions.


Delivered virtually in 2 x 90-minute sessions, for up to 12 people, with pre- and post-session work.

Learning objectives and content:

Mastering virtual communications is – like many aspects of communication – deceptively difficult, perhaps because we believe it is simple. In practice, making sure that you and the other people on the call are energised, engaged, effective and working at your peak is a challenge. This practical masterclass will ensure that online meetings and discussions are effective, and by the end of the programme participants will: 

  • Develop their confidence, energy and personal style when meeting online
  • Master the practical techniques needed to engage, facilitate and be fully productive
  • Apply and practise the skills needed to be fully effective, including receiving feedback and guidance

Educator: Adrian Kirk

Adrian Kirk

Adrian is an established specialist, showing people how to be adaptable leaders, engaging presenters and influential communicators. His approach is interactive, experiential and practical, enabling you to develop greater flexibility in how to adapt yourself when engaging different situations.

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