The Generation Game



Managers and leaders at all levels of the organisation and across all functions, and especially people management professionals.


1 x 120-minute session. Includes additional activities and information pre- and post-session.

Learning objectives and content:

“UK employers are still woefully unprepared for the impact workforce demographics will have on their businesses.” CIPD and CMI. We have to understand the generations for some very simple reasons. They are our workforce, they are our customers, they are our relatives. If we cannot relate to them, how on earth will we succeed together? So, what are the generations, what are their differences, how do they view work, what do they each value and how do we motivate them?

Pulling on the latest research and background information, this session considers all of these aspects and more. Looking at the different behavioural traits, together with the political, cultural and technological factors that impacted each, we will consider where their strengths lie, the respective value propositions to enhance engagement and motivation, and explain why things can just blow up without you realising why.

Overall it will show that one size does not fit all; one size fits one and going forward the successful will be those that embrace this.

Facilitator: Russell Beck

Russell Beck

Russell is widely acknowledged as a thought leader across all aspects of talent management and people strategy; from the future of work, attraction, engagement and retention to belonging, purpose, meaning and individual productivity. He has consulted and supported boards and leadership teams of companies of all sizes – FTSE100, Fortune500, SMEs – and across many sectors – technology, engineering, pharma, retail, finance, hospitality, public, 3rd sector.

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