Innovation: Design Thinking and the Team Hackathon



Anyone in the organisation who is involved in developing an innovation – this may be for a new product / service, a new process or system, or a new business model. Typically this includes mid- to senior-level managers, project team members and leaders.


The programme comprises four x 120-minute sessions, each six weeks apart, to plan, develop, test and refine, and implement a business innovation. Includes additional offline preparation and activities pre- and post-session.

Learning objectives and content:

By the end of the hackathon participants will have:

  • Applied the design thinking process and other practical innovation techniques to a real-world issue, challenge or opportunity at your organisation.
  • Designed, developed, prototyped and planned the launch of an innovation.
  • Mastered the essentials of innovation as it applies in your organisation, and practised several key innovation techniques.
  • Completed and debriefed a personal assessment focusing on innovation style, and understood their role in driving a culture of innovation.

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