Leading From Within: Developing Your Personal Leadership Style



This programme is suitable for anyone keen to develop their personal leadership style. Participants will focus on the Emotional Intelligence quadrant and Transactional Analysis models, enabling participants to recognise and understand the influences driving behavioural responses, so they can respond better to emotionally driven situations.


Delivered virtually in 1 x 150-minute session, for 6 people, with intersession work and supporting materials.

Learning objectives and content:

This programme will develop each leader’s personal effectiveness by: 

  • Defining emotions: specifically, why we have them, and what can happen to us as we experience them.
  • Identifying our emotional triggers.
  • Recognising physical responses emotions generate in us and learning to calm them through breathing.
  • Naming emotions in others, and developing empathy – seeing things from other perspectives. 
  • Applying the Emotional Intelligence model so people recognise what stage they are at. ‘Name it, don’t be it’.
  • Introducing Transactional Analysis: Parent, Adult, Child. Defining characteristics of Critical and Nurturing Parent, and Free and Adapted Child.
  • Associating parent and child behaviours with physical, vocal and language choices, to better be able to recognise them in self and others.
  • Explaining how the adult brings a balanced role to a situation, both intellectually and behaviourally. 
  • Defining Drama Triangle positions that we are all capable of reverting to in pressurised and emotional situations. Exploring how they ‘trigger’ responses in others.
  • Introducing the Winners Triangle Adult position as an option for each of the ‘drama’ positions. Practising shifting from Drama to Winner positions in specific custom scenarios.

Educator: Adrian Kirk

Adrian Kirk

Adrian is an established specialist, showing people how to be adaptable leaders, engaging presenters and influential communicators. His approach is interactive, experiential and practical, enabling you to develop greater flexibility in how to adapt yourself when engaging different situations.

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