Mastering Inclusive Leadership



Managers and leaders at all levels of the organisation and across all functions, and especially people management professionals.


3 x 150 minute interactive workshops

Learning objectives and content:

Inclusive leadership is an important capability which enables leaders to create a climate where every individual feels respected and valued.  This masterclass blends recent thinking and practical activities that focus on personal reflection and application of inclusive leadership behaviours.

By the end of the workshops, participants will have:

  • Understood the positive impact of building an inclusive culture on business success
  • Developed an understanding of the complexity of inclusion
  • Challenged their beliefs and behaviours around inclusion
  • Built self-awareness of own identity and biases and their impact on others
  • Developed skills for leading and facilitating inclusive conversations


  • Inclusive leadership in your context

Why being inclusive can be so difficult for leaders and why the business case is so compelling. Mastering the critical competencies of the inclusive leader.

  • Building self-awareness of your inclusive style

Understanding how your experiences influence your approach to inclusion. Working with the impact of identity and advantage.

  • Inclusive moments in action

Understanding and practicing conversations and interventions required to enhance inclusion on a daily basis.

Educator: Barbara Banda

Barbara Banda

Barbara has over 20 years’ experience of working with organisations to help develop their leaders. She holds five degrees, including a PhD from the University of Oxford that explored the importance of connecting management education to the workplace, which informs her approach with clients.

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