Collective Team Effectiveness



All the members of a team, who wish to develop their collective performance and focus on: a) how they work together, and b) agreeing specific priorities.


Virtual team workout – two x 90 minute sessions two weeks apart, designed to develop team effectiveness. Includes additional “offline” working pre and post-session.

Learning objectives and content:

Collective and collaborative teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage: a crucial driver of issues as varied and vital as innovation, customer service, operational effectiveness and brand development. In this masterclass we focus on developing the effectiveness of an intact team. By the end of the programme team members will: 

  • Agree roles and a team charter for how they will work together 
  • Discuss priorities and key issues, and develop an action plan 
  • Agree and share performance measures, both individually and collectively  
  • Build connection, collaboration and mutual understanding 
  • Review progress with the team action plan 
  • Understand the characteristics of a high performing team and their role in ensuring success
  • Map key stakeholders and agree critical messages that will be consistently delivered

Educator: Don Müller

Don Müller

Don has been involved with training and leadership development for the past 17 years, supporting organisations in executive coaching, leadership transformation, organisational strategy and employee engagement.

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