Leading Virtually



Leaders of virtual contributors and teams; HR business partners.


Three 90 minute sessions, with intersession activities and optional personal coaching.

Learning objectives and content:

It is becoming increasingly common that leadership of individuals and teams is virtual; leaders in global organisations often have contributors located all over the world; the Covid pandemic has led to more people working from home; sales teams are often virtual, co-workers in large buildings are often separated.

Many of the principles of good leadership are more challenging when there is little physical face-to-face contact; it is harder to manage performance; it is difficult to create engagement; high quality communication is tough; creating an emotional commitment and a strategically aligned culture require different ways of working.

By the end of the programme participants will:

  • Understand the risks of leading the way they always have
  • Have developed tactics and strategies for ensuring high quality virtual leadership
  • Developed new virtual communication skills
  • Adapted their coaching to a virtual environment
  • Developed new feedback processes to ensure they continue to develop and learn how to lead in a virtual world


1. The Challenges of virtual leadership

Step One is making a behavioural change is understanding the cost of not doing so. This session will investigate, in the context of the organization, what goes wrong when a work relationship goes virtual. Participants will understand what they need to adjust in order to redesign their leadership.

2. Strategies and Tactics for virtual leadership

With the learning from Session 1, participants will rethink their leadership, the way they spend their time, what help and support they will need to ensure that they, their contributors and direct reports are able to be effective.

3. Communicating in a virtual environment

Mastering virtual communication is deceptively difficult, perhaps because we believe it is simple. In practice making sure that you and the other people on the call are energised, engaged, effective and working at their peak is a challenge. This session will ensure that your on-line meetings and discussions are effective.

Educator: Richard Finn

Richard Finn

Richard has worked with many global organisations from a variety of industries over the past 30 years. Richard is an internationally-experienced coach, educator and business adviser with particular expertise in the areas of strategy, change leadership, culture, coaching and performance management.

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