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88% of the UK population understands lifestyle is the main cause of disease and want to understand how to take control of their health. Only 18.5% feel confident of taking control of their own health. Research shows we want better health, but overwhelmed with information about what we should be doing about our diet and lifestyle so that we can thrive and not just survive.

This programme is designed for all levels of leaders who want to understand how mind-body health can be improved to have a positive effect on the quality of work and life. Learn how to choose and implement individual, sustainable wellness strategies, so you can perform at your best.

A leader needs to be at the top of their game, in peak performance and enthuse a culture of excitement, determination, positivity and energy into self and teams. In today’s competitive and changing world, there is an increased pressure on leaders to perform, handle more, work faster, produce more, rise above competition, navigate complexity and manage a more complex network of stakeholders.

The result often leads to lack of self-care, decreased health and decreased performance. A ripple effect of this can be seen affecting teams and individuals throughout an organisation. Leaders have to reflect and positively act on their mind-body health and that of their teams during unprecedented pressures in recent years.


2 x 90min sessions, for up to 8 people

Learning objectives and content:

This programme will develop your wellness by creating sustainable lifestyle and behaviour change and prevent, manage and potentially reverse lifestyle-related conditions. This is not about depriving yourself, this is about transforming yourself.
Walk away with a deeper understanding of how to improve your personal energy through:

  • Insight: explore your own unique needs that help you thrive
  • Education: learn how the brain functions so you can use less willpower to win
  • Transformation: plan simple and sustainable changes to become the best version of yourself

This course is structured around 5 wellness pillars that help you identify what nourishes you and increases your energy:

  • Passion: discover your values, do things that matter
  • Mindfulness: master your mind, be conscious
  • Self Care: thrive through sleep, nutrition, movement
  • Connection: nurture the right relationships
  • Resilience: ability to face or bounce back from tough situations

This course will empower you to manage your own wellness by:

  • Deciphering your ‘blockers’ to life
  • Examining each of the 5 pillars and their context to your wellbeing
  • Interpreting the habit loop so you can open up your pathways to sustainable change
  • Creating your own personal strategic blueprint to mind-body wellness



2 x 45min sessions, 1:1 private coaching session

  • Review of personal health strategy to keep you on track and accountable
  • Support, reference material, exercises specific to your needs and goals

Coach: Alaina Burden

Alaina Burden

Alaina’s expertise is behavioural transformation. In leading, planning, designing and implementation of customised and collaborative learning solutions with global scalability. An experienced subject matter expert, coach and facilitator who works with leaders to achieve performance improvement.

Alaina’s experience includes roles with Baker & McKenzie and The Boston Consulting Group, founding her own business, creating award winning eLearning for the foundation doctors programme in the NHS. Securing a masters in Project Management took a new direction to develop and facilitate leadership programmes as a Director of Global Client Solutions for ESI. On becoming a Director of Adaptive Strategic Execution she co-developed the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme with Duke Corporate Education.

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