Leading Change in Turbulent Times



Middle and senior leaders with responsibility for leading change.


The programme comprises 4 x 150 minute interactive workshops.

Learning objectives and content:

Leading change in organisations can be both overwhelming and unpredictable for all involved. Change initiatives often take longer than expected, or may not succeed at all. Leading change requires a range of alternatives to mechanistic, top down processes. 

By the end of the workshops, participants will have:

  • Understood the complexity and messiness of leading change
  • Have a deeper awareness of their impact when leading change
  • Mastered their ability to choose the appropriate style to engage others in change
  • Developed strategies to work with power and politics
  • Practiced the interpersonal skills required for effective change leadership


  • Diagnosing change

Understanding the multiple perspectives on change and the different approaches that are open to leaders. Considerations of how to approach different types of change.

  • Leading others though change

Recognising the role of emotions in change. Knowing what drives you as a leader and what drives those around you.

  • Working with power and politics.

Understanding who to influence and how to do it. Developing important influencing skills and understanding how to flex your style.

  • Changing the conversation

Practicing core interpersonal skills. How to move from difficult conversations to honest conversations.

Educator: Barbara Banda

Barbara Banda

Barbara has over 20 years’ experience of working with organisations to help develop their leaders. She holds five degrees, including a PhD from the University of Oxford that explored the importance of connecting management education to the workplace, which informs her approach with clients.

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