Mastering and Sustaining Resilience



Emerging and established leaders who want to cultivate the self-awareness and skills needed to foster a more resilient mindset.


3 x 150 minute sessions over 2 or 3 days. Includes some additional pre-reading.

Learning objectives and content:

Resilience is fostered in our habits in relation to our values, mindset, emotions, and behaviour. Critically, this means that resilience is learnable when we develop our self-awareness around these things because we create agency and personal behavioural choices. This masterclass explores several skills and abilities that have been found to be essential for resilience. In addition, participants will uncover the thoughts they hold and actions they take that help or hinder their own levels of resilience by:

  • Exploring common preconceptions around resilience that could be hindering their own adaptive capacity
  • Exploring the 4 core intra-personal processes underlying resilience
    • Exploring the 4 core intra-personal processes underlying resilience
    • Thoughts – how do resilient people think about positive and negative events?
    • Action – how do resilient people deal with positive and negative events
    • Motivation – what is the motivation for dealing with life events in certain ways and what are the thoughts, actions and motivations that are helping or hindering you?

The content is supported by practical and reflective exercises to help participants capture insights and relate the learning to themselves. Developing a personal Resilience Plan will also help them unpack their personal resources for resilience by giving them a framework to identify what specifically works for them.

1-2-1 optional coaching is available for those interested in putting into practice their resilience plan and continuing their personal development after the masterclass.

Educator: Saira Chaudry

Saira Chaudry

Saira offers in-depth experience in the areas of executive coaching, leadership development, talent management and assessment for selection and development.

She has coached at senior levels in the Engineering, Construction, Pharmaceutical, IT, Financial Services and Retail industries, working with executive leaders and high potential employees.

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