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Saira works with organisations to help build individual and workforce agility – leading and adapting to the now whilst looking ahead to the future and keeping people at the heart of strategy. She works with individuals to identify behavioural factors affecting their performance in relation to the organisation’s strategy and operational requirements. Her coaching approach is underpinned by the belief that self-efficacy and adaptability are the cornerstones of resilience.

In particular, she supports leaders to consider their impact from two key perspectives:

Personal: What abilities to they possess to become more flexible in their thought processes and coping mechanisms?

Reputational: What is their impact on others and what are the behavioural factors helping or hindering their leadership capabilities?

Saira offers in-depth experience in the areas of executive coaching, leadership development, talent management and assessment for selection and development.

She has coached at senior levels in the Engineering, Construction, Pharmaceutical, IT, Financial Services and Retail industries, working with executive leaders and high potential employees. Clients include Novartis, Bupa, Arm, HP Labs, Camden Council and Tata Steel.

Group Coaching from this Educator

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Mastering and Sustaining Resilience


This programme explores several skills and abilities that have been found to be essential for resilience, helping participants to uncover the thoughts they hold and actions they take that help or hinder their own levels of resilience.

Kourdi Associates​ ​work with current and potential leaders to develop their mindset, skills and effectiveness. Jeremy Kourdi is formerly Senior Vice President with The Economist, he has worked with London Business School and Duke Corporate Education as well as market-leading businesses worldwide, and he is the author of 27 books translated into 17 languages, including​ ​The Truth About Talent​ ​and​ ​Coaching Essentials​. ​His business​ ​Kourdi Associates​ ​provides coaches, expert content and consultants that help leaders successfully navigate a changing world.

Saira Chaudry

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