Presenting With Impact



This course is designed for anyone who is keen to improve their presentation skills, both in physical and virtual / online meetings. This includes people who are new to presenting or wish to heighten their effectiveness, notably: sales professionals; HR, people management and training professionals; people required to communicate, influence and engage (eg internal and external consultants); project leaders, and senior managers and individuals who may be in line for a senior role requiring the ability to engage and communicate with impact.


Delivered virtually in 3 x 120-minute sessions, for 4 people, with intersession work and supporting materials.

Learning objectives and content:

This programme will develop effectiveness by: 

  • Understanding the dynamics of impact beyond what we say, especially how physical and vocal issues can add or detract depending on how used.
  • Physical alignment, freeing the body to work effectively while looking confident in others eyes.
  • Learning how to breathe efficiently: to aid relaxation, energise, think more clearly and develop a clearer voice.
  • Speaking to be heard, by developing the 5Ps of Projection, Pronunciation, Pace, Pitch and Pause.
  • Practising the art of silence; to help land the message, give others time to absorb information, and reinforce our strength as speakers.
  • The art of eye connection. How to speak so people feel connected with how we engage them.
  • Becoming familiar with the rhythm of language. Knowing how to vary pace, pause and pitch to nuance what we say.
  • Planning ahead to define clear message, adapted to audience and with purpose. Then applying structure which gets attention and leaves clear messages.
  • Practising delivery with personalised feedback and coaching.

Educator: Adrian Kirk

Adrian Kirk

Adrian is an established specialist, showing people how to be adaptable leaders, engaging presenters and influential communicators. His approach is interactive, experiential and practical, enabling you to develop greater flexibility in how to adapt yourself when engaging different situations.

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