Mastering the Adaptive Enterprise


About the Programme:

“It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” Danish proverb. 

In the chaotic times in which we live is it possible not just to cope, but actually thrive?  Mastering the Adaptive Enterprise addresses this quandary by synthesising fresh insights from strategy, organisation and leadership with a recognition of the changing context in which leaders operate, to ensure that leaders can respond effectively – especially when times are tough.

Programme detail:

The programme develops 21st century leadership skills, shaping how leaders think, know and act. The programme covers the five themes of an Adaptive Enterprise (see figure below): The programme develops 21st century leadership skills, shaping how leaders think, know and act. The programme covers the five themes of an Adaptive Enterprise (see figure below):

  • Adaptive strategy – a fresh take on strategy: one that is discovery-led, using paradoxes to reframe how to make sense of complex circumstances.
  • Innovation capability – developing the ability to see (and do) what others do not, and harnessing evolution and error to channel innovations that scale.
  • Adaptive organisation – capable of transcending the paradoxes of stability vs. flexibility, alignment vs. autonomy & the whole vs. its parts.
  • Adaptive talent – nurturing the mindset and skills to develop resilience, reframe threats as opportunities and harness conflict for collaboration.
  • Flexible, resilient leadership fostering trusted, engaging, thoughtful leadership distributed across teams, cultures and contexts.

What makes the programme unique:

Insight, relevance and timeliness. 2020 has taught us the importance of resilience, being adaptive, and leading in turbulent times – this programme shares relevant insights and relates them to the practical challenges facing leaders and organisations today.

A focus on delivering resilience and results. To exhibit resilience, organisations must resolve the fundamental paradox of fit between stability (functioning efficiently today) and flexibility (adapting effectively for tomorrow). We show you how.

Harnessing the benefits of virtual learning. We believe that the ability to deliver virtually – with pre- and post-session interventions and activities – is a catalyst, not a constraint.  

What makes the programme unique

Modular and flexible. Customers choose the modules and sessions of the programme that best meet their needs: leadership, strategy, innovation, organisation development and talent.   After all, it would be ironic indeed if a programme focused on helping leaders become more adaptive was not itself flexible.

Customised and co-created. We co-design our work to ensure it is tailored to your organisation’s context, strategy, culture and leadership priorities. We agree the programme outcomes, measure the impact, and ensure it delivers the required results. Quickly.

Engaging, insightful learning materials, resources and methods. Articles, online tools and activities, and workplace actions combine with online sessions to deliver lasting impact.

World-class faculty delivering unrivalled value. Led by Professor Ben Shenoy, our faculty, insights, design, delivery and impact are crafted by people who work regularly with the world’s leading businesses and providers of executive education. Their impact is immediate. Adding to the value that we deliver is our cost-efficiency: our prices reflect our costs and overheads, which are substantially below comparable competitors.


Current and potential leaders in national and international businesses. This includes business unit CXOs and executives at C-1 and C-2 levels.

It is also suited to high potential managers: talented individuals who may be more junior but will have a senior leadership role in the next 5 – 10 years.


The programme can be delivered in varying formats (i.e. one or several online sessions, with associated activities and materials), to suit each organisation’s specific requirements and budget.  In addition, the programme’s focus can be tailored to meet particular needs:

  • The complete Adaptive Enterprise – covering all five themes (see figure above).
  • A particular theme – covering all topics related to that theme:
  • Adaptive Strategy
  • Adaptive Innovation
  • Adaptive Organisation
  • Adaptive Talent
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • A specific topic – choose from 25 individual online sessions, for example:
  • Strategic Agility: Exploiting Creative Destruction (from Adaptive Strategy)
  • Building Innovation Capability (from Adaptive Innovation)
  • Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap (from Adaptive Organisations)
  • Strategic Insight and Decision Making (from Adaptive Talent)
  • Leading Across the Enterprise (from Adaptive Leadership)
  • Mastering the Adaptive Enterprise (an overview of the entire programme)

Ben Shenoy

Ben earned his PhD in Organisational Behaviour from Harvard Business School. Ben applies his expertise through executive education, teaching programs on leadership, organisational change, decision-making, senior teams and innovation at Harvard, the LSE and Duke Corporate Education.

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