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Ben Shenoy is a lapsed systems engineer, a recovering management consultant and a practising behavioural scientist. He is Visiting Professor of Psychological & Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics (LSE), and co-author of Strategic Decision Making: A discovery-led approach to critical choices in turbulent times.

Ben explores how we respond to complexity – both individually and collectively – by clarifying the ‘jobs to be done’ by organisations in wicked times, for example:

  • Insight: How do we collectively make sense of the way the world is mutating outside our organisation? 
  • Engagement: How can we connect with – and inspire – colleagues and customers, transcending the ‘management of work’ and embracing the ‘management of meaning’?
  • Coordination: How do we ensure our various units collaborate in synchrony, instead of lapsing into isolated silos?

Ben earned his PhD in Organisational Behaviour from Harvard Business School. Ben applies his expertise through executive education, teaching programs on leadership, organisational change, decision-making, senior teams & innovation at Harvard, the LSE and Duke Corporate Education. Clients he has served include ArcelorMittal, the BBC, Boston Consulting Group, BP, Cisco, Daimler, Deloitte, eBay, E.ON, General Dynamics, HP, HSBC, Ketchum, Microsoft, McCann-Erickson, NATO, Pearson, Reed Elsevier, Swiss Re, the UK Cabinet Office & Unilever.

Group Coaching from this Educator

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Mastering the Adaptive Enterprise

Format: Delivered in varying formats, to suit requirements

This programme develops adaptive, resilient leadership, shaping what current and future leaders think, know and do. In the 2020s leaders need a systemic approach to shaping the future focusing on innovation, strategy, leadership, talent and the organisation. This practical, insightful programme shows you how.

Kourdi Associates​ ​work with current and potential leaders to develop their mindset, skills and effectiveness. Jeremy Kourdi is formerly Senior Vice President with The Economist, he has worked with London Business School and Duke Corporate Education as well as market-leading businesses worldwide, and he is the author of 27 books translated into 17 languages, including​ ​The Truth About Talent​ ​and​ ​Coaching Essentials​. ​His business​ ​Kourdi Associates​ ​provides coaches, expert content and consultants that help leaders successfully navigate a changing world.

Ben Shenoy

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