Coaching Skills for Leaders



Managers and leaders at all levels of the organisation and across all functions who seek to develop coaching as a core leadership skill to build individual talent and lead autonomous teams.


Four 90 minute interactive workshops, with up to 12 participants.

Learning objectives and content:

Leadership of people and teams requires adapting to organisational context, strategic direction and individual needs. Coaching is a choice of leadership style that is powerful when used in the right situation to develop the people you lead. This practical masterclass will develop your skills to engage in transformative coaching conversations.

By the end of the programme participants will:

  • Adopt a Coaching Mindset to create a supportive work environment that encourages openness and allows mistakes
  • Deploy Active Listening skills to enhance conversations and mutual understanding
  • Incorporate Powerful Questioning techniques to enable issues to be uncovered and new options to emerge
  • Encourage feedback and Facilitate Growth to promote team generated solutions and ownership

Educator: Delphine Parmenter

Delphine Parmenter

Delphine is a corporate educator and Professional Certified Coach specialising in partnering with senior leaders and management teams to explore their communications, leadership and strategic challenges. Formerly the Executive Director of the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre and Program Director at London Business School, she has 25 years’ experience working with leading pharmaceutical, consumer goods, industrial clients and professional service firms, to enhance learning and ignite organisational change.

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