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Comprehensive, Tailored Digital Insights Library

Engage and develop your workforce with a targeted, comprehensive collection of video insights from the world’s most successful performers.

Ready-to-go content collections on key performance challenges, or create your own high performance collection to support your organisation’s vision, values and purpose, key initiatives or programmes.

This essential digital toolkit gives access to video micro-lessons from some of the world’s most successful thinkers and performers, from elite sports coaches to neuroscientists, wellbeing experts and business strategists and leaders. Curated into focused performance topics, these lessons can be used ahead of online meetings, remote 1-1’s or as a personal support resource.

With the current shift to remote working, it is vital to manage communication, focus, wellbeing and motivation. The Remote Teams Collection is an example of a curated series of 74 video micro lessons to bring teams together and provide inspiration and support throughout this challenging time. Watch the video to learn more.

Learning objectives and content

Kourdi Associates has partnered with Sporting Edge to provide an unparalleled digital library of high performance video insights. This unique video series features internationally-renowned sports coaches, Olympians and athletes as well as distinguished academics, strategists, executives and educators.

Authentic and exclusive: the digital library features 850 micro-lessons on 83 topics providing insights and practical strategies to fuel success.

The digital library features 850 micro-lessons on 83 topics

providing insights and practical strategies to fuel success

Who will benefit?

The target audience is broad and international, spanning cultures, contexts and levels of experience. Online access can be made widely available to anyone within an organisation, and typical users include:

  • High potential executives
  • Current and potential leaders
  • Individuals leading organisations through change
  • Participants in development programmes
  • Senior executives 

Content is curated and focused on key themes to suit each client. We are also experienced at integrating materials with existing programmes, systems and initiatives. 

Popular topics include: 

  • Coaching and Elevating Performance 
  • Developing Resilience and Wellbeing
  • Navigating and Shaping the Future 
  • Building and Leading High Performing Teams
  • The Engaging Leader 
  • Leading Transformation and Change 
  • Valuing Diversity and Building Inclusion
  • Leading With Agility and Impact 

Features include: 

  • No technical development required – simply plug and play
  • Cloud-based platform for fast and reliable global delivery
  • Branded launch pack to get started and drive engagement
  • Kick-start meetings, 1-1s or share as a personal support resource
  • Analytics available to measure engagement and impact

Pricing varies depending on the number of assets required, the number of people being supported, and the period for which the materials are required. So, for example, we can provide a bundle of 20 topics for 250 people over 6 months, or 50 topics for 1,000 people over a year. 

Additional information, including sample materials, are available on request.

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