Digital Learning

Our digital learning materials enable leaders at all levels to develop their skills, behaviour and mindset, and succeed in a world of opportunity, challenge and change. 

We believe that the need to shift and support the way people develop, think and work is constant.

More than ever, leaders need learning materials and leadership insights delivered in short, timely, practical formats – online, and via a range of devices and apps. Our unpredictable, tech-enabled, fast-changing, always-on world won’t wait – and people, customers, challenges and opportunities won’t wait either.

We deliver world-class learning materials

working with experienced, expert partners and educators.


Our 4 key Digital Learning products are:

The Performance Zone

Comprehensive, Tailored Digital Insights Library

A comprehensive library of digital insights from some of the world’s top performers.

Offered in association with SportingEdge, the Performance Zone fuses compelling stories from world-class performers with psychological research to create inspiring learning and development experiences for individuals, leaders and teams.

Leadership Scenario Assessments

The Leadership Challenge

Guided practice enabling leaders to rehearse and develop their thinking in real-world custom situations.

We have partnered with Cognisco – the leading provider of online assessments – to develop a ground-breaking series of leadership scenarios.
Scenarios deliver three unique advantages:

  • Personalise learning (by testing confidence as well as understanding across a range of 100 topics)
  • Provide developmental feedback
  • Assess capability and measure the impact of development initiatives

The Leadership Hub

Best Practice Insights Developed, Curated and Tailored for Your Business 

The Leadership Hub is a tailored collection of insights and world-class resources to help leaders develop and succeed.
We provide clients with an interactive resource that enables leaders to apply and embed their learning. It is a powerful tool that can support a programme or be used as a stand-alone resource.
Leadership Hubs are especially effective as a source of insight, information, best practice tools, techniques and guidance during times of change – a merger, for example, or a global pandemic.

Custom E-Learning Programmes

Elevating Performance

Our bespoke e-learning materials are provided online and ready to use at any time, with a mix of media and featuring insights from leading subject experts.

Our e-learning modules are customised to suit an organisation’s current, future and emerging situation, and they are intensely practical – with learning that can be applied immediately. 

Online knowledge transfer is achieved with short, effective e-learning content delivered in bite-sized learning interventions. Stimulating, relevant and challenging, our e-learning is personalised and best-in-class.

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