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Elevating Performance

Great learning needs a context. Our e-learning modules are customised to suit your organisation’s current, future and emerging situation and are intensely practical – with learning that can be applied immediately. 

We help leaders develop mindset, behaviours and confidence as well as skills, and we enable them to do this for themselves and for others. 

Online knowledge transfer is achieved with short, effective e-learning content delivered in bite-sized learning interventions. Stimulating, relevant and challenging, our e-learning is personalised and best-in-class.

E-learning materials are provided online and ready to use at any time, with a mix of media including articles, videos, podcasts, and activities.  E-Learning modules benefit from a standard structure:

  • The Context – an introduction to the topic, what it means and why it matters 
  • Learning Objectives – specifically how participants will benefit from the module  
  • Progress – where this module sits in the overall programme and how it connects with other modules  
  • Key Concepts, Tools and Techniques, Action Checklists – guidance presented in a practical, stimulating, insightful and action-oriented way
  • Avoiding the Pitfalls / Dos and Don’ts – how to ensure success and avoid difficult issues (learning guidance)  
  • Activities – practical ways to apply and embed the learning, including feedback (elicit performance and provide feedback) 
  • Key Questions – designed to stimulate thinking, provide momentum and, crucially, to personalise the learning 
  • Sources of Further Information – available at the end of each module and as a separate standalone section

Our programmes feature insights from the most successful educators anywhere: people who not only bring proven expertise and insights but also the ability to engage, support and challenge leaders across cultures, contexts, and levels of experience. 

Copyright in all originally created materials is assigned to the customer, allowing unlimited sharing and usage.

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