Reappraising the Appraisal

by | Mar 23, 2021 | On Point

It’s appraisal time again, so what makes a great conversation about performance in 2021? How can we help people develop the way they work? Here are some thoughts:

  • Listen, and use your emotional intelligence. What’s not being said? What language is used?
  • Think critically, beyond the feedback. Think why is this an issue for this person and what would help them? Don’t just expect them to change, do something useful to guide or propel that change.
  • Ask questions and let them lead the way. Agree the issue, what good will look like, when/how/what they will change, what support they need.
  • Be consistent and follow the feedback through, even if the person moves to another role.
  • Be kind, have empathy. Most people want to do a good job so help them, respect their unique talent and positive intent, understand their world. This goes a long way to unlocking receptivity and the ability to change.
  • Give feedback “in the moment”. Some of the best feedback I’ve received didn’t happen as part of an appraisal. Don’t think of the appraisal process as an event, instead take every engagement you have with your team as a chance to give and receive feedback.

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