How Do You Get Buy-In for a New Idea?

by | Apr 20, 2021 | On Point

When introducing a new idea it helps to invest as much energy in communicating – what you say and how you say it – as you did in coming up with the idea itself.

In the uncertainty of lockdown and with communication channels changing this can be forgotten, too often the temptation is to work in a silo. There are a few ways to avoid this and increase the likelihood that your idea will progress and succeed:

  • Connect the idea to existing strategic priorities, find links to current needs, plans, products, or processes.
  • Build on the familiar – using what people already understand will make your idea more relatable.
  • Discuss how your idea meets the needs of a key stakeholder eg a current or potential client. Use this external need as a focal point for people.
  • Ask, share, invite and inform – don’t just tell. Find a way for someone to contribute. Nothing too onerous, but find something they would value or enjoy and which gives them some ‘skin in the game’.
  • Know how you want to progress. A good boss will likely respond with: “So, what do you need?” Be ready with a response.

What else? How Do You Get Buy-In for a New Idea?

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